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June 30, 2009

Software Testing Interesting Reads - Sara Ford

Very Good Reads from Sara Ford Blog
What are Test Hooks?. With VSTS 2010 You can do a Record and Playback of UI controls
5 Tips for surviving as a Tester - Excellent Article. Key Learnings I would suggest are
  • Develop Deep Domain Expertise, Work with Business and Try to master the domain/Application
  • Learnt from Mistakes - Production Bugs
  • Participate in Design Reviews and question Error Handling/Exception Scenarios
  • Encourge situations to work together and Debug the code together with DEV
Automation Testing versus Manual Testing Guidelines
Target Automation for BVT (Build Verification Test), Regression Test. Access ROI (Return of Investment) on Functional Test Automation. If the feature set changes Release over Release then it may not be a right candidate for Automation.

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