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May 08, 2011

MSBI Testing

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I have worked in SSIS, CDC, SSRS for one of the projects. Provided below are couple of interesting reads for MSBI testing

ETL Testing

Reposting from my Answer from SQA stackexchange

Sharing my learning's on ETL Testing
  • How errors are logged in case of failures in pulling data. Example - Network connectivity is lost while pulling data, does the job retry ?
  • Is it possible to configure toggle select only few tables to pull data to be pulled by ETL jobs
  • Test with real production data. Typically volume of data in BI system is Tera Bytes of Data
  • Look for Data Quality Issues - How Application handles nulls, blank data, Duplicate data
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions - How Changes to dimension tables are handled, Depending on type SCD 1, SCD 2 you can decide to test it the way it works
  • Manually when you have failure in pulling data in one of tables, How does it behave. Example - from source system one of table is dropped. SSIS package is not updated. In this scenarios how error is handled
More Reads
I am impressed with the pic posted below. Source - Niraj Blog. Thanks Niraj

Below articles are good refreshers.

Happy Reading!!

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