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April 02, 2011

Selenium Web Test - Automation Framework - Best Practices

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This post is based my question in stackoverflow site. These questions help us learn best practices while developing an automation framework.

Summarizing Discussion Points
  • Page Object test design pattern is a good approach in building automation framework. Based on it only I have written example posts
  • Don't use the Selenium IDE generated code as Automation Framework base
  • Build a very good underlying framework architecture and refactor it as you keep updating the suite
  • Learn Design patterns and Apply it wherever applicable
  • 3 layer test automation framework is very good. I feel convinced with this approach.
    • GUI Level Testing
    • Methods Level Testing
    • Database Checks
Posting below list of good reads on Test Automation

Integration Test Principles - Notes from the post
  • Configuration should be minimal (Pointing to a different Db to run a test)
  • Test cases should be independent (Select and run few cases)
  • Tests should be efficient
  • The test suite should clean up after itself (Good to clear logs/data)
Please feel free to check my learnings for Developing Test Automation Framework using Selenium.

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