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May 30, 2011

SQL Server Query Tuning

SQL Server Query Tuning two good posts

Query Tuning Fundamentals: Density, Predicates, Selectivity, and Cardinality
Summary from post
  • Density - Measure of how often duplicates would occur
  • Predicates - Join columns / filter clauses
  • Cardinality - Number of rows returned by query operator
Wide vs. Narrow Plans
Turning a Scan into a Seek With A Pointless Predicate

Thanks to authors of the post. This post is a good reference for me.

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Very Good Reads!!

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jv said...

Looking at the opening image of the video - I'd refine slightly - and say the troubleshooting steps are :
1)Identify existing Problem
2)Monitor and define cause (root) of problem
3)Apply changes to problem
4)Problem Solved