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June 02, 2011

SOAP UI - Web Service Testing

This post is for evaluating SOAP UI Tool. Basic Free Version of the tool supports only functional testing. Pro Version offers lot more support in terms of Test Automation (Data Driven Testing), Load Testing.

Step 1 - Based on previous blog post web service we can reuse for our example

Step 2 - Install SOAP UI Tool

Step 3 - After Installation, Let's Try the Tool. Provide the WSDL URL

Step 4 - Selected Default options and Provide Project Details

Step 5 - Below Window is opened in SOAP UI. After expanding on options you will see below window.

Step 6 - Pass Values in the request as per below XML. Provide parameter values

Step 7 - Response for the request. Posted below

For Data Driven Testing of Web Service, We can also leverage TestNG Framework.

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