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June 26, 2011

SQL Search 1.0

Next free tool we are going to learn today is SQL Search 1.0. This is pretty good to search for objects within database.
Lets get started with the tool.

Step 1. Download from link

Step 2. After Installation in SSMS you would see this as listed below

Step 3. Good Snapshots of usage provided in link

Step 4. Search Preference is impressive.
  • Table Name
  • Functions
  • Procedures
We are using AdventureWorks Database. This database can be dowloaded from link.

Search Feature is also present in SSMS tool addin. We checked it in earlier post.

Advantage is here, You need not right click and search. As you type you will see results listed
CONS - This does not search for data in tables. SSMS tools does provide data search

Search within Stored Procedures also lists the stored procedure content in preview tab

Search within database objects is very good with this tool.

Great Tool. Both SSMS Tools and SQL Search Complement each other.

Happy Reading!!

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