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June 24, 2011

Simplify TSQL Development with SSMS Tools

Tool for the day - SSMS Tools Pack (Free tool :)). This tool has very good features that would simply TSQL Development. Thanks to brent for his post. I am trying free tools suggested in the article. I'm going to try below three features.
  • Formatting TSQL Code
  • Generating Insert Statements from Table
  • Search Results and Search Database Tables

Step 1. Download SSMS tool pack from link

Step 2. Feature documentation is provided in link

Step 3. After installing the tool, When you open SSMS you would see SSMS tools tab listed. Please find snapshot below

Step 4 - First and foremost aspect that every developer should to take care is Coding standards. Code should be readable, maintainable. I would love this tool for formatting raw TSQL code. After writing the code right click and select Format SQL Option as provided below. One click your code is formatted. Sounds cool.

Step 5 - Next aspect is generating insert statement from Tables.  Pushing configuration data from one environment to another environment would be easier with this feature. Right click in database select SSMS tools->Generate Insert Statements.

Step 6 - Select the table to generate insert statements, Specify option to generate script in new window / sql file. Very cool feature.

Step 7 - Next feature is search for data within database and searching the query results. Below provided are example snapshots

Very useful features. Above all free tool :).

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