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June 29, 2011

SQL Everywhere - SQL Server IDE - Nice Free IDE

SQL Everywhere is the Tool we will be learning in this post. This is Free IDE for SQL Server Development. Impressive list of Free SQL Tools from Atlantis Interactive. We have explored Schema Surf and Data Surf in earlier posts.

Below are list of features I am impressed based on my first look using SQL Everywhere
  • Suggestions intelli-sense support
  • Run queries in Test Mode, Automatic Rollback of Updates / Changes made
  • Code Formatting
  • Good Execution Plan Details to get started
Let's get started with the Tool
Step 1. Download tool from link
Step 2. Features snapshots are provided in link
Step 3. After Installing the Tool, Connect to DB. Select Server and DB details.
Step 4. After Connecting, You can view in Databases / Objects Tab
Step 5. After selecting browse options you would see below new window. When you hover over particular table you would see Tool Tip - Schema Details, Create Table statement, Index Details

Step 6. Another alternate option is selecting Object Browser

Step 7. Moving to Query Execution, Query Results, Execution plan details are returned when you provide query details. IDE provides intellisense support to select Table Name, Column Details etc. Execution Plan also provides cost details of operators involved in query

Step 8. Operators also provides details on Estimated cost as a Tool Tip when you hover over the query plan

Step 9. One feature I observed different from SSMS is, Query execution reports execution time plus network time as well. This looks cool

Step 10. Next Option we would check is Generate Insert Statements. Right click on object browser to select the option for Generate Inserts

Step 11. Generate Inserts has option to include / exclude Identity column values

Step 12. Next is Test Mode feature. All updates / Data / Schema changes would be rolled back automatically when you exit Test Mode. Nice feature. This relieves us from the burden to rollback changes made.

Step 13. Code Formatting, I have posted my code before and after formatting. Looks good with after formatting :)

Step 14. After Code Formatting, Modified Proc

I'm impressed with SQL Everywhere. I'm going to use this tool. I would be updating this post in coming weeks.

Happy Learning !!!

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