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July 02, 2011

SQL Tip of the Day

SQL Learning for the Weekend. Today's tip is learning from article Ten Common Database Design Mistakes

Taking Lessons and advice from the article, What are my checklist while designing a Database Table

1. Normalized Table - For OLTP System verify Table design is Normalized - Related Post -
Database Development Model

2. Naming Conventions - Naming tables in a way that is easy to understand from customer perspective - Related Post - Database Object Naming Rules

3. Ensuring Data Integrity aspects (Check Constraints, NOT NULL Values, Default Values, Primary Key, Foreign Key)

4. Selecting Proper Datatypes, Allocating Space for the data - Related Post - TSQL Tip of the Day

5. Indexes on the Tables based on queries run against the table

6. Archiving Details / Table Partitioning for the table. Related Post - Table partitioning basics

Templates for database objects creation is available in book Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization.

Happy Learning!!!

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