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July 18, 2011

BI Learning - Part I

Yea, As we learnt Selenium we will now look at learning BI. I found SQLBI Methodology a good place to get started on this topic. I'm going to start by downloading required adventureworks DB. We will look at SQL Server 2008 as Database for our exercise

Download below two databases
  • Adventure Works DW - Link
  • Adventure Works DB
Below listed are 4 part series details

1. SSIS - ETL Jobs
2. Populating DW Tables
3. Cubes - SSAS Development
4. Best Practices for BI Development

Let's get started

1. Enable FileStream by following steps in link. This is required before installing AdventureWorks OLTP database

2. Installed Adventureworks and Adevntureworks DW Database

3. Next Example is Adding the SSAS and SSIS Packages

4. SQL Server 2008 All Product samples without DB cab be downloaded from link
With this we are ready with OLTP, DW, SSIS, SSAS Adventureworks samples :)

5. Opened AWDataWarehouseRefresh SSIS Solution.

Next Step is Analysing this SSIS solution.
More Reads
SQL Server Integration Services Samples
SQL Server 2008 – How To Build and Deploy AdventureWorks OLAP Cubes
SSAS Tutorial: SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Tutorial

Happy Learning!!!

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