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July 20, 2011

BI Learning - Getting Started with ETL

Next Step based for BI Learning Series is is ETL Design. I posted my question in MSDN SSIS forum and Stackoverflow.

Approach is provided in the question, This seem to work fine. I'm hoping for some more comments for the question.

For Error Handing, Error Handling can be done by package. All the packages can invoke this package on error. This learning is based on Question in MSDN forum.

Next Learning List
  • Passing elements from parent to child package in SSIS
  • Desigining the ETL solution for adventureworks DB based on proposed approach
SSIS Design Pattern - Custom Error Handling
Top 10 SQL Server Integration Services Best Practices
SQL Server Integration Services Standards
Faster Extraction & Loading by SSIS
SSIS – Copy file when Exists and Not Locked by another process
Dynamically creating Excel Sheets and populating data from SQL server tables
SSIS: Work Flow vs Stored Procedures
How accurate is your BI information? - Part 1
How accurate is your BI information? - Part 2
How accurate is your BI information? - Part 3
How accurate is your BI information? - Part 4
SSIS Error Handling
Building a Successful ETL Project
Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Performance Design Patterns
Troubleshooting SSIS Package Performance Issues

Happy Learning!!

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