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June 22, 2011

Query Stress Tool

Today's second post is for Query Stress Tool. Run your stored procedure for multiple datasets. In Testing terminology this tool is a great support for Data Driven Testing. Data Driven Testing - running the same test for different datasets.

The Tool has very good documentation available. I have tried to run this tool based on stored procedure created in previous posts.

Step 1 - Tool Overview is provided in link

Step 2 - Download tool from link. Author is Adam Machanic.

Step 3 - Installed the tool

Step 4 - Set the Database connection and Select the Database from Drop Down menu

Step 5 - Provide the stored procedure and parameter name as in below snapshot. Stored Procedure reused from post.

Step 6 - Click on Parameter Substitution tab and provide query which returns test input. Query provided in below snapshot. Click on Get Columns.

Step 7 - Click on GO button and run the test. One Click to run the test. Executes test for each test row if results. CPU and IO statistics returned.

Usage - Run your stored procedure for all your production data and check for Stats on execution

This is a very handy tool, I missed to learn and use this tool. Never Late, today I tried it out.

More Reads - SQLStress - A SQL Server Stress Test Tool

Happy Learning!!!

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