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May 28, 2011

Biztalk Applications Testing - Learnings

I hardly remember Biztalk BAM tables, that I checked during my test role. All sample exercises you can find in posts tagged biztalk exercise

Testing involved
  • Schema Validations (pass with incorrect / missing values)
  • One of the posts exercises is for invoking web services from biztalk, In this scenario retries, failures need to be checked when webservices is accessible / not accessible.
  • Check for cases how messages are handled in cases on suspended messages (password failure, port connectivity failures)
  • Further depending upon the orchestration logic we have to look at possible failure cases and retry logic for the same
  • BRE rules Testing
  • BAM queries are another good way to analyze time taken for execution, Queries are provided below SQL Server Query for suspended messages by application, SQL Server Query for BizTalk traffic by application
Further reads on this topic

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