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May 28, 2011

Webinar - Test Manually In The Cloud With Sauce Scout

Attended Webinar conducted by Sauce Labs (May 26th). Video for this would be available soon in link. They have a strong cloud based infrastructure setup supporting multiple browsers, platforms.

Listed below are notes taken during the session
  • Sauce Builder Tool (Record & Play Back)
  • Support Every Programming Language for Automation builder
  • Scout Tool is for manual Testing
Key Benefits of Scout Tool (Manual Test Tool)
  • Pick a browser and run your test
  • Advantage - No need to connect to every machine for running tests
  • Exploratory navigation tests recorded and played back, Would help to identify repro steps
Dashboard - Features
  • In built dashboards for Pass / Failed cases in test runs
  • Usage across browsers (Time spent in testing across browsers) is also tracked and reported as Stats
Bug Creation
  • Create bug and share it with embed / permanent link
  • Based on usage of resources
Instead of having dedicated hardware setup, cloud based setup can be used as 'Pay per Use'.
There is another webinar coming up this week from Pushtotest, You can register it in link

If Microsoft can provide cloud based implementation of VSTT 2010 with infrastructure support for testing multiple browsers in cloud. I bet this would be a good business.
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