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December 25, 2009

Road to become Database Architect

To become a Database Architect or Being a Database Architect below are few things I learnt we need to know. I am focusing on OLTP right now.
  • Designing Databases
  • Reviewing Database design
  • High Availability Knowledge
  • Performance Tuning OLTP System
  • Auditing, Security and Compliance
  • Standards for Coding, Reviewing, High Availability and Virtualization
I am going to bookmark few links that are extremely useful to cover above topics

Designing Databases
We have three phases involved in Database Application Development
  • Conceptual Data Model- Identifying Entities-Attributes, Outcode of this Phase ER Diagram, Identify Relationships
  • Logical Phase - Normalize, Identify Rules, Map ER Diagram to Tables
  • Physical Data Model - Tables, Constraints, Triggers, Relationships
The phases of database design
Database Design
Data Integrity
Physical Database Design
Following are in scope - High Availability, Paritioning Strategy, Archival and Audting

Reviewing Database design
  • Identifying DataTypes
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Preserving Data Integrity
Reference Links - Link1, Link2

Tips on Optimizing SQL Server Database Design

High Availability - Blog Post Link (Need to have some good DBA experience for this :))

OLTP Performance Tuning

Learnings from my blog
SQL Server 2008 Security Overview for Database Administrators
Security Auditing In Microsoft SQL Server
Security Best Practices Checklist
SQL Server 2000-2008 Security

SQL Upgrade Strategy

SQL Migration Learnings blogpost
Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade, 2000 - 2005 - 2008: Notes and Best Practices from the Field

Virtualization and Reducing Infrastructure cost

SQL 2008 and Hyper-V - Whitepaper
SQL Server Consolidation - Cindy Gross Blog
General Hardware/OS/Network Guidelines for a SQL Box - Cindy Gross Blog

SQL Server 2008 Whitepapers
SQL Server compared to Oracle
Licensing Overview

Interesting Videos
Conversation with scientist, engineer and database legend Jim Gray
Jim Gray - Part II of talking about Database Design

Evaluating SQL Server Databases
Security Aspects
Security Checklists on TechNet Wiki
SQL Server Security – Additional Resources
SQL Server Security Checklist
SQL Server Security Granularity - Cindy Gross Blog

Data Integrity Aspects
SQL Server Database Integrity Checks Checklist

Scalability Aspects
Improving SQL Server Performance
SQL Server 2008 Database Performance and Scalability
Talking points around SQL Server 2005 scalability

High Availability
SQL Server 2008 High Availability whitepaper published on MSDN
Lousy HA is Not Necessarily Better Than No HA

Deployment / Consolidation Checklist
SQL Server 2005/2008 Setup Checklist
General Hardware/OS/Network Guidelines for a SQL Box
SQL Server Consolidation in Microsoft IT
SQL Server Sizing Resources
SQL Server Installation : Useful tools
Importance of setting Max Server Memory in SQL Server and How to Set it
Lessons Learned from Benchmarking a Tier 1 Core Banking ISV Solution - Temenos T24
SQL Server FineBuild Introduction - 1-click install and best-practice configuration
SQL Server Virtualization, Consolidation and Private Cloud Resources

Beginner’s guide to becoming a Business Intelligence Expert
Auditing Aspects
Finding out who dropped a table using the transaction log
SQL Server 2008 Column Change Tracking
Who dropped objects from database?

I will keep updating it and learn things....

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