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May 15, 2013

TSQL Formatting Tools

Back to blogging after a month long break. Things were quite busy @ work. This post is to focus on TSQL formatters. There are several code formatters that I had come across recently.

1. SQL Formatter for Notepad++ - Download and install Notepad++ plugin from link. Copying the DLL's and checking the Notepad++ Option listed below

Step 1. Copy the DLL's in plugin directory of Notepad++

Step 2. NotePad++ SQL Formatter Options

2. Online SQL Formatter - Link

3. PoorSQL - Online SQL FormatterLink

4. SSMS Tools pack - SSMS Addons - Link

5. Instant SQL Formatter - Online version - Link

6. Atlantis Interactive SQL Server IDE - Very good IDE for MSSQL - Link

7. SQLInform - SQL Online formatter - Link

Other Free Useful Tools
1. Programmers Notepad
- Link
2. TextPad - Link
3. Notepad++ - Link

Happy Learning!!!

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