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January 12, 2010

SSIS Error - [Execute SQL Task] Error: An error occurred while assigning a value to variable "xxxx"

I spent 2 hours for this. DataType was bigint and I was unable to assign output value. Below URL was useful to fix it http://blogs.msdn.com/mattm/archive/2007/04/18/why-can-t-i-store-my-bigint-result-in-an-int64-variable.aspx. Finally I have to type change base datatype to int and SSIS variable is INT32. This is on VS2005, SSIS 9.0

Second Learning is Eventlogging. Since, I am working on SSIS 2005 I tried for a VB code EventLog.Source Property

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS): Custom Logging Using Event Handlers

SSRS Tip - Repeat Header / Keep Header Visible in Tables in RS 2008

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