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August 14, 2010

Evaluating a Test Case Management Tool (TCM)

I am currently learning SpiraTest tool. A good Test Case management Tool would address the below items

1. Easy of use for writing test cases
2. Record Test Execution and Results
3. Maintenance and Updating Regression test cases
4. Usability (Tree type view, Easily update & modify test cases)

Adding Test Cases in Spira Test
  • Web based - This is slightly slow.
  • Excel based Import of Test Cases - Seems to be a promising feature. Writing Test Cases in Excel and Importing it to SpiraTest works well. I like this Feature.
Managing Regression Test Cases
  • Modifying adding and deleting Regression Test Cases - You have good option in web UI to manage test case, copy and move them across release folders
Tracking Test Execution and Reporting
  • Tracking Test Execution and Reporting Test Execution Summary, Monitoring Progress
I still need to learn and update on Reporting..Will do it soon..

Please find summary of my analysis on TCM tools..
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