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March 13, 2011

QA Skills

My Summary of QA skills for Junior/Senior QA Candidate

Junior QA
  • Follows defined QA Process
  • Prepares Bugs Reports, Status Reporting with all relavant information
  • Manages and updates automation suite
Senior QA
  • Self Organized
  • Challenges the Environment, Raise testing standards by experimenting new processes/Adopting new Tools
  • Aware of Test Automation Framework Design and Development 
  • Sound Technical Skills 
  • Selfless - Volunteers/mentors team in terms of process/sharing best practices
  • Actively involves/drives meaningful discussions and implements best practices  
  • Takes calculated risks and delivers products meeting quality bar
Growing to a Test Architect Role
Impressive QA JD description - link

Every skill (DEV / QA / Automation) can be learned with interest and passion. This JD is a mix of DEV-QA-Automation. This is very good write up.

One more interesting job-ad from link. Highlighted below are core skills / competences. This co-relates to a lot of behaviour traits

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Cybreek said...

Interesting post, but I can't agree more ! Crystal-clear definition of job responsibilities ! Infact, I can correlate myself with senior QA guy !

Btw Siva, you have great blog !

Sivaram Annadurai said...
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