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October 28, 2012

Hadoop Single Server Setup on Ubuntu

In continuation with previous post we will install java, hadoop, configure map reduce jobs on ubuntu. The step by step details are based on details provided in link.

Many thanks to Arun and Pragalathan for helping me learn linux :)

Step 1 - Installing JDK

Step 2 - Create Hadoop Group

Step 3 - Create hduser

Step 4 - Add sshkey

Step 5 - Enable SSH

Step 6 - Install SSH (Had some issues so reinstalled it)

Step 7 - ssh to localhost

Step 8 - Disable IPV6 (Modify the entries based on steps provided in link)

Step 9 - Download Hadoop

Step 10 - Move it to Hadoop folder

Step 11 - Make permission owner hduser

Step 12 - bashrc changes

Step 13 - Check Java and Hadoop Home Path

Step 14 - Hadoop env changes

Step 15 - Modify custom xml files in below folder

Step 16 - Start Service

Step 17 - Copy files for working example

Step 18 - Hadoop file system details

Step 19 - Copy Files to Hadoop File System

Step 20 - List uploaded files

Step 21 - Run wordcount example jar

Step 22 - Check results output file

More ReadsHow to Install Hadoop on Ubuntu 13.10

Happy Learning!!!


Robert P. Calfee said...

This post is probably where I got the most useful information for my research. Thanks for posting, maybe we can see more on this.
Are you aware of any other websites on this

Siva said...

Many thanks for your comments. MSBI case study using Hadoop and SSAS is available in link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj710329.aspx