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December 09, 2012

Python Basics

Two Coursera classes (An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, Learn to Program: The Fundamentals) provide very good python beginner learning materials. Python is a Interpreted Language

Quick Summary and Python Notes
Basic Examples and beginner notes posted based on course notes. All Code can be tried in CodeSkulptor.  There are a few syntax differences but this is similar to C programming language.

Example1 - Arithmetic Expressions
  • Basic Arithmetic Expressions
  • Variables, Assignments, Sample Exercise in link
All Scripts can be run in FireFox / Chrome in CodeSkulptor (Not in IE)

Example 2 - Working with Functions
Built In functions - max, abs
Example 3 - Custom Functions
  • Example function to sum up two numbers
Example 4 - If Statement - Conditons , Else If and Else Operator
Example 5 - For Loop - Iteration
Example 6 - While Loop iteration
Happy Learning!!!

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