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January 06, 2013

Good GTAC Testing Talks

GTAC 2011: The Latest in Google Test Tools

Tools covered in the session are BITE and Quality Bots

BITE - Browser Integrated Test Environment
  • Record Browser Actions, File Bugs Automatically without switching from your browser, Replay Recorded Actions
  • BITE is available as a Chrome Extension 
  • Records User Actions @ Browser Level
  • Track Actions while finding UI bugs during Exploratory Testing  
  • Bug Filing from Browser itself
  • Include Screenshots, Repro Steps while filing bug
Quality Bots - Automated Layout Issues Detection in Chrome browsers

With the Tools Implemented QA Cycle works as below
  • Run Quality bots to detect layout issues
  • Allow exploratory testing for Manual testers and capture test steps, screen shots, related data using BITE chrome extensions for bugs identified
  • Automated Bug Filing using BITE from browser itself
Tools + Exploratory Testing with test steps captured makes it easier to reproduce bugs

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