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February 24, 2013

Selenium Builder - Magic Tool for Web Testing

Selenium Builder tool caught my attention from recent selenium post. Selenium IDE is available past few years. It is very useful, robust to get started. The challenging problem for me was fixing XPATH related issues prior to web driver implementation. Selenium Builder seems to remove some of those pain points. In a quick dry run I found below things impressive about Selenium builder.

1. Converting from Selenium 1 to 2
2. Alternatives Suggestions for actions is amazing

3. Run Locally or against Selenium Instance

Earlier we have seen BITE - Browser Integration Test Environment - File Bugs from Browser Level

We Can Simplifying Manual Web Test Process by using
  • Selenium Builder to Records your exploratory tests and replay it for every build
  • Any error encountered File Bugs using BITE
  • Filing bugs is simpler, lot of details attached with bugs filed using BITE and reduces bug logging time
Selenium IDE + Selenium Builder + BITE are powerful set tools for web testers and also right set of tools to get started with automation

Happy Re-Learning!!!

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