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August 31, 2013

Day1 - pyCon2013 Notes

Hello World!!
After a long time updating my notes, learning’s in this post.
Some good one liner’s from Pycon2013
  • WLT – We Love Typing
  • DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself
Today I attended Pycon 2013. This was my first python focussed learning session. Sessions were pretty good. Summarizing my notes of today's session
Session #1 - The first session was log management in inmobi 
  • They have a framework built to store, manage all kinds of logs (Web Server Logs, DB Logs, Application logs, Cron Tab Logs
  • Three steps were followed in collecting logs
  • Collection of Logs – Apply Patterns – Fetch Logs
  • Tools used include logstash, grok (ships with parse patterns) - http://logstash.net/ 
Author also provided other alternatives and tools for implementation
  • Transport – flume, rsyslog, conduit, scribe
  • Search and Analytics – hadoop, graylogz, elsa
  • Storage – HDFS, Cassandra, Elastic Search
  • Apache Falcon
Jordan Sissel is the brain behind logstash. His video session is also available in link
Session #2 – Django Framework beyond Basics
It was a well presented session. Although this was my first session on Django I could get the feel of the framework. Presenter Arun (http://Arunrocks.com)
Django – Web Framework. This is built on principles of Rapid App Development. How a typical web request is handled in Django framework 
  • Models – Matter
  • Views – Thinkers
  • Templates – Should be dumb
Good Things about Django Framework
  • Good Admin Interface
  • Security
  • Great Documentation
  • Stable
  • Batteries Included
Basic Definitions of Query Set (Object that interfaces with DB), Media Separate etc. Python implements class based views. Earlier it was function based generic views
Tools Discussed
  • IDE – Pychan, PyDev, Emacs, Vi, Sublimetext
  • Deployment Tools – Chef, Puppet, fabric
  • Security Checks – ponycheckup.com for Django based sites
  • ORM – SQLAlchemy
Session #3 – Third Session was Rapid development & integration of Real Time Communication in Websites
The session as pretty interactive. Demonstrating realtime video chat using google webrtc. https://github.com/cjgiridhar
Demonstrated the setup
  • End User Requests sent to Tornado Web Server
  • Using Web Socket / Ajax communication happens (video chat / live chat)
  • Chat messages saved in Redis database
  • Webserver – flask, bottle, tornado
  • Javascript and webRTC
Chetan’s website - link
More Links - pythontutor

Happy Learning!!!

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