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September 01, 2013

pyCon India 2013 - Day 2 Session Notes

Please find second day session notes
Session #1 – Rasberry PI basics by Sudar Muthu
Good basic session. Speaker presented the content and demo very well. Notes from the session
  • Simplest helloworld program on Rasberry PI is a light blink program
  • Speaker also spoke about controlling devices
  • Using PWM (Pulse width modulation) devices can be managed
  • PWM.py – pull up (Higher Voltage), pull down (Lower Voltage)
  • Protocols – I2C, SPI, Serial. These protocols can be used to talk to devices
  • Interacting with web cam using PyGame
More Reads -  Distributed Computing Tutorials, Author website – HardwareforFun
Session #2 – Robotics Demo
  •  ROS (Robotics Operating System)
  • Author used RasberryPi and arduino Node
  • Speech Synthesis – Festival and pyFestival
  • Speech Recognition – Gstreamer, Pocket Sphinx
  • Artificial Intelligence – AIML, pyAIML (Artifical Intelligence Markup language)
  • GUI – QT and pyQT
Author site – Technolabz, Lentin Joseph
Session #3 – arduino and Internet of Things
Arduino – Open Source Electronics Prototyping platform
Advantages of arduino
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Open Hardware
  • Open Documents
  • Hw: device : electronic prototyping board
  • Sw:bootloader
  • Sw:libraries
  • Sw: IDE
  • Interfacing – Connected to computer using Bluetooth / USB
Use Cases
  • Talk over Serial, RF, Ethernet
  • Attach Sensor and relay other readings
  • Attach Actuators and make things move
  • Connecting devices through web
  • Security Sensor, email on touch
  • Author - Avik Dhupar
  • http://www.arduino.cc/
Session #4 - Testing tools Sessions (Open Source Tools)
  • Fabric for distributed testing (This deployment tool can be used for distributed computing testing  )
  • STAF IBM Test Automation Framework Tool -
  • Nitrate Test case management tools -
  • Test link – Test case management tool
  • Beaker Project – Managing Automated Tests
Session #5 – Web Scraping
  • Author used http://scrapy.org/
  • Pablo Hoffman is the scappy developer
  • Author Anuvrat Parashar provided examples on crawaling web, collecting data, extracting information from collected data 
More Tools

Happy Learning!!!

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