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November 09, 2013

Weekend Reading Notes

Note #1 - Session - Dirty Truth about Data Literacy

Interesting notes captured during session

Data Literacy - In simple terms
  • Reading the Data (Understand Values)
  • Reading between Data (Comparisons)
  • Reading beyond Data (Predictions / Inferences)
Improving User Experience by 
  • More Confident Chart Readers
  • Interactive through roll over, tool tip, highlight selected numbers, mirror what they are doing 
Note #2 - Deploying Hadoop ETL in the Hortonworks Sandbox

This session is about working with SyncSort DMX-h tool to implement ETL. With the GUI interface you can define the jobs. The concept is something similar how you would develop using SSIS. Probably Microsoft also may come up with similar SSIS capabilities to run on hadoop and load data.

Syncsort ETL offerings link

Exercise #3 - Tutorial 14: How To Analyze Machine and Sensor Data

Steps were pretty easy, I was able to execute till step 5. Since I do not have office 2013 the GUI part is pending. Pretty simple and fast.

Interesting Reads
Hardware Considerations for In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014
In-Memory OLTP Q & A: Myths and Realities
In-Memory OLTP: High Availability for Databases with Memory-Optimized Tables

Happy Learning!!!

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