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June 15, 2014

Interesting Learning Notes

Note #1 - What is difference between performance and scalability problem ?
  • Performance problem - Fixing performance issue for a website example - Pageload time is very high for homepage of website
  • Scalability problem - Scaling website to support 10X user base than current user base
This post was very useful for above answer Performance v Scalability – For Employers

Note #2 - Read / Write Advantages / Disadvantages for Normalized / Denomarmalized Databases ?
  • Normalized - Insert in multiple tables, Highly consistent
  • Denormalized - Easy Insert, Consistency issue with updates (Multiple  versions of Records may exist)
I loved reading this post again and again - Data storages and read vs write controversy. Post is Very Simple, intuitive and clear.

  • Tip #1 - Changing window size during execution set_window_size
  • Tip #2 - Screenshots comparison using needle (Python based)

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