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September 28, 2014

Pycon 2014

Every time when I attend a conference I plan to post my notes on same day. Delaying to post is inversely proportional to probability of posting it. After missing few conferences, Today this post is on my learning's from python conference 2014. There is a lot of motivation / inspiration to deliver / learn after every conference.

Interesting Quotes 

"Functionality is an asset. Code is a liability" by @sanand0
"Premature Optimization is baby evil" by @sanand0
"If it's not tested, it doesn't work. If it's tested, it may work" - @voidspace
'Libraries are good, your brain is better' - @sanand0. 

Short Notes from Sessions

Panel Discussion on Python Frameworks - Django, Flask , Web.Py 
  • Discussion was pretty interesting. For beginner level (Web.Py followed by Flask)
  • Django Elephant in the room scored over the rest based on usage, features, documentation
Interesting Talks and Notes are shared in Auth Evolution & Spark Overview Posts.

Happy Learning!!!

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