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September 09, 2015

Linear Regression Basics

To Understand Linear Regression basics of Slope, Correlation was useful.

Slope Revision

Finding the slope of a line from its graph: Slope of a line

Slope = Change in Y / Change in X
Slope is constant for a line

Simple Linear Regression

  • One Explanatory Variable Simple Regression
  • More than one Explanatory Variable multiple Regression
  • X - Independant Variable(Explanatory), Y - Dependant Variable (Response)
  • Good fitting line (Reasonable for predicting relationship) - Measure of Strength of Relationship (Co-relation)
  • Correlation - A & B are observed at Same time
  • Methods of Least Squares to estimate B0 and B1
  • Residual = Observed - Predicted value (Above Line +ve, Below Line -ve)
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