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November 21, 2015

Chi Square Test for Independence

  • Uses a cross classification table to examine the nature of the relationship between these variables
  • Tables are sometimes referred to as contingency tables
  • Determine variables are dependent on each other or not
  • H0: chi square test for independence is conducted by assuming that there is no relationship between the two variables
  • Ha: alternative hypothesis is that there is some relationship between the variables
The general formula for the degrees of freedom is the number of rows minus one, times the number of columns minus 1.

In terms of independence and dependence these hypotheses could be stated
  • H0 : X and Y are independent
  • H1 : X and Y are dependent
Expected Frequency = ((row total)*(column total))/Total Population

I liked the example provided in link  

Problem - Test for a Relationship between Sex and Class

X (Sex)
Y (Social Class) Male(M) Female(F) Total
Upper Middle (A) 33 29 62
Middle (B) 153 181             334
Working (C) 103 81 184
Lower (D) 16 14 30
Total 305 305            610

Table 10.12: Social Class Cross Classified by Sex of Respondents

Expected Frequency = ((row total)*(column total))/Total Population

Significance is greater than or equal to 0.05, you don't reject the null hypothesis

Results match with the problem although approach is different. The sum total sum is 610 (Total Sum)

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