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May 14, 2016

Day #22 - Data science - Maths Basics

Eigen Vector - Vector along which there is no change in direction

Eigen Value - Amount of Scaling factor defined by Eigen value

Eigen Value Decomposition - Only Square matrix can be performed Eigen Decomposition

Trace - Sum of Eigen Values

Rank of A - Number of Non-Zero Eigen Values

SVD - Singular Value Decomposition
  • Swiss Army Knife of Linear Algebra
  • SVD - for Stock market Prediction
  • SVD - for Data Compression
  • SVD - to model sentiments
  • SVD is Greatest Gift of Linear Algebra to Data Science
  • Square Root of (Eigen Values of AtA) - A Transpose A, becomes Singular Value of
Happy Learning!!! (Revise  - Relearn - Practice)

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