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December 13, 2016

Day #47 - Deep Dive - Learning's

Tip #1 - Support Vector Machines
  • Performs classification by obtaining and utilizing optimal separating hyperplane that separates two classes and maximizes the distance to the closest point from either class called margin
  • Training involves non-linear optimization
  • Objective function is convex
  • So, the solution to optimization problem is relatively straight forward
Tip #2 Regularization - Involves adding penalty term in Error function. Two types of regularization in linear regression
  • Ridge
  • Lasso
Tip #3 - Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Also called as batch gradient descent
  • One example at a time, move at once
  • Cheaper computation
  • Randomization - Escape shallow valleys, local minima, does take care of escaping silly local minima
  • Simplest possible optimization
  • SGD is applied in Neural Networks
Tip #4 - Gradient Descent
  • Meant to minimize non-linear function
  • Error measure convex function
  • Finding local minimum
  • Initialize -> Iterate until termination ->Adjust Learning Rate -> Terminate on local minimum
  • Return Weights
Tip #5 - Bias and Variance
  • Models with two few parameters may lead to High Bias
  • Models with too many parameters are inaccurate due to Large Variance
Happy Learning!!!
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