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February 03, 2017

Day #53 - Tech Talk - Nikhil Garg - Building a Machine Learning Platform at Quora - MLconf SF 2016

Keynotes from Session

Machine Learning Platform - Collection of systems to sustainable increase the business impact of ML at scale

Build or Buy
1. Degree of Integration with the product. Delegation of components
2. Support for Production Systems (cannot outsource business logic to outside platforms)
3. Blurry line between experimentation & production
4. Leverage Open source in an open manner
5. Commercial platforms are not super valuable - Can often train most models in single multi-core machine
6. Blurry line between ML & Product Development (Inhouse tools for monitoring/training / deploying etc..)
7. ML is Quora's core competency

Machine Learning Models Deployed

Machine Learning Use Cases

Happy Analytics!!!

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