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March 20, 2017

Day #58 - Hacker Earth Challenge

With Running projects, its bit challenging to manage multiple tasks. Bookmarking my thoughts until further analysis

Problem - Link

Data Analysis (Approach)
  • Load data in SQL Tables
  • Analyze each column, Continous or Discrete variables
  • Outliers, missing data, summary of each Data Column
  • Manage Class Imbalances
  • Convert the dataset into numeric columns
  • Ignore any non-critical columns
  • Identify Data Correlations if it exists (Pending task)
The Approach
1. To eliminate class imbalance used smote technique
2. Used XGBoost to train and predict
3. Python 2.7 used. Two files one for Data cleanup, second for prediction

Happy Learning!!!

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Sujitkumar said...

Nice tutorial iam reading your article really I am impresses it is very helpful for providing a lot of information about Datascience …. Thank you Please keep share some more…………