"No one is harder on a talented person than the person themselves" - Linda Wilkinson ; "Trust your guts and don't follow the herd" ; "Validate direction not destination" ;

June 18, 2010

My Learnings @ Work & Life

Past 7 Years What I Learnt from Work & Life. I am summarizing it. I am still learning :)
Be good to yourself
  • Compare and benchmark against yourself
  • Do what you feel is right and even if you fail learn from it
  • Be adaptive to change
  • Talent outperforms visibility in long run
  • Share your learning’s and communicate your ideas
Be good to others
  • We would love to work with some people whom we worked in past, We would also love not to meet some people whom we worked in past. Decide how you want to be remembered
  • Help others succeed. Respect others ideas and Listen to them
  • Domination does not yield trust. It breeds hate
Keep Learning
  • Have your own learning plans and work for it
  • Change can’t happen overnight
  • Plan, Plan, Plan, Keep revising it, Track your progress
Find a mentor
  • Find a mentor for guidance, suggestions, sharing ideas

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