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September 05, 2011

Cloud Based Performance Testing Tool

This post is based on my Stackoverflow QA Answer for Question - What are the tiers of testing that should be done on a large scale distributed system?

On top of it I did some more readings and found some more interesting reads bookmarked below

Coming to utilizing cloud for QA purpose. Soasta is a leader in cloud based performance / functional testing. Developing Test Expertise in cloud based apps is different from traditional test approach. Particularly, How much load cloud can scale up is the key.

One of biggest advantage on their approach mentioned in blogpost. Using Cloudtest-grid to scale up/scale down load for Performance Testing, Simulating live traffic. CloudTest Lite is a cloud based free tool for performance testing Web apps/Cloud based apps.

Many thanks to Patrica for her post on CloudTest Lite. This post was the beginning of my learning on CloudTest Lite. I am looking forward to explore this tool in coming weeks. Tool looks promising for performance testing web applications.

Happy Learning!!

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