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September 10, 2011

QA Free Tool - Aptimize Latency Simulator

Simulating page load with slow internet connection is very crucial for ecommerce / banking sites. Today found useful tool to simulate slow user connection in internet explorer
  • Aptimize Latency Simulator Tool can be downloaded from link
  • Walkthru video is provided in link
After installing the tool you would see below snapshot for starting the tool

Flipkart Page Load in Normal Internet Connection

  • Green Color - Latency (Time to Request Info & Start of Data Transfer)
  • Blue Color - Data Transfer (Download Time)
  • Cold Load - Viewing web page for first time
  • Reload Warm  - Viewing already visited page
For Firefox browser as well there must be some add-on to simulate latency. For checking latency/data transfer you can use firebug for firefox browser

Happy Learning!!!

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