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October 16, 2011

SOASTA Functional Testing Webinar Notes

I had signed up for Webinar - SOASTA Functional Testing Webinar. I couldn't attend it. Offline version is available in link

Webinar Notes
  • Tool evolved as need for Better Test Results Reporting, Faster Development of Test Automation Code, Better IDE
  • SOASTA Tool - CloudTest is based on Selenium. (SauceLabs also provides Cloud based test tool based on Selenium)
  • Single Platform for Functional & Performance Testing of Web & Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Lite Free versions provides tests with (100 Users Limitation, Single Location)
  • Demo of a Record - Playback scenario of a website
  • Tool provides options for generating XPath (I would love this feature :))
  • Inbuilt Results Reporting providing Test Execution Details Time, Tests executed, Duration
  • From FAQ Link, Cost Factor - Hourly rate for tests start at $850/hr

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Happy Learning!!!

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