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October 06, 2011

MongoDB Webinar Notes

Attended MongoDB: A Quickstart Tutorial by 10gen services 

Summary of Notes from the Meeting 
  • MongoDB - Primary datastore for web apps. Couple of examples on sites run using MongoDB was provided (ex-foursquare)
  • Demo - Developing Location based Application, Query near by places (Restaurants)
  • Data is stored as Documents. Key value pair based storage
  • Data stored within collection has no schema defined, Generally Each collection will be similar information stored. 3 collections (tables) - places, users, checkins.
  • MongoDB has built in support for geo location queries
  • For each record, Tips fields was added (store tags) for data inserted. This would be used for record retrieval based based on tag value
  • MongoDB supports Regular Expression in queries
  • MongoDB Query Operators have $ symbol ($gt - greater than, $lt - less than etc..)
  • Constraints option is not available in MongoDB (Primary Key/Foreign Key)
  • No concept of Isolation levels in MongoDB
  • Composite Indexes (Indexes based on multiple columns) supported in MongoDB
  • Aggregation group by functionality would be provided in 2.0 release
  • MongoDB has no built in encryption support
  • Availability and Scalability options
  • Replica set support (Single primary and multiple secondary systems)
  • Autosharding to achieve scalability. Routes partitions data into groups based on fields in documents
We have covered couple of examples (Table Creation / Inserting Records / Select Query / Index) in previous post. Composite Indexes, Tags, Query Operators, Geographical data support are new learning's from this session.

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Happy Learning!!

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