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January 28, 2012

High Availablity Notes

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I subscribe to Brent Ozar weekly news updates. Zero Downtime Data Centre Migration caught my attention in weekly updates

How We Moved Our Data Center 25 Miles Without Downtime (High Availability)

Another Interesting Case Study is Sharepoint Performance Improvement using Aptimize Accelerator

Recently while learning on Latency came across case study.
  • They have done some optimization in terms of reducing css, JS files. 
  • Caching performance has been increased using - Aptimize Website Accelerator
  • We use a CDN already, can Aptimize help? Link
  • So combining - Best Practises, CDN, Website Accelerator aptimize would be a great combination for achieving superior performance
  • A Crash Course in Optimizing SQL Server for SharePoint
For beginners good read on latency basics is provided in post

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