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January 26, 2012

NOSQL Updates & Database Products Update - II

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Amazon has launched its own NOSQL database - Dynamo DB . NOSQL space is growing big with multiple players launching their own NOSQL databases.

  • Index management (Predictable performance Even if Data Size grows, Need to explore more to understand how this is taken care)
  • Flexible Schema (Feature common in all NOSQL databases)
  • Scalability (Scale as per your need), High Availability by having data replicated across multiple zones & Performance
  • More Detailed Notes - Get Started with Dynamo DB
  • Amazon CTO Dynamo DB introduction blogpost
More Reads - Cassandra and Dynamo Comparision

Another very good read - Top BI Trends for 2012 and a Look Back at 2011
Focus for this year 2012 BI market is
  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud BI
  • NOSQL BI Strategy
  • NOSQL Adoption (ACID compliant, cloud based DBs - NuoDB)
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