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February 24, 2012

Note on success of GUI automation

There are plenty of blogs which recommend
  • When to Automate, At what stage of project execution (working feature set, stable application etc..)
  • What to Automate, How to identify a test case for automation (repeatable steps, stable feature, regression cases, BVT cases etc..)
This post is a example on determining quality of automation suite. This stackoverflow answer is my motivation for this post
Joe Strazzere answer is simple, straight forward and portrays real world scenario. Below is snap of the answer underlined important lines in my perspective
What to focus on Automation 
  • Tests focusses on basic scenarios and slowly extending to cover end to end functionality
  • Execute 10~15 core functional scenarios
What not to focus on automation
  • Merely focussing one existence of ids
  • Testing the front end without connecting underlying layers
What is good automated test case ?
  • Login to online shopping portal
  • Search for products (query the DB to fetch products)
  • Invoke web service involved to fetch results
  • Compared returned results in UI vs Web Service Results
What is not efficient automated test case ?
  • Login to online shopping portal
  • Search for products which are hardcoded
  • Compared returned results in UI with predetermined hardcoded results
If you find your automation tests pass and your manual test identifies bugs then it is a indicator for automation test cases improvement. What matters is Quality not Quantity !!
Happy Learning!!! 

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