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February 11, 2012

Telerik Test Studio Webinar

There are lot of test Tools available in market. I attended Telerik Test Studio session. The tool is focussed on Microsoft Platform (Web Testing WPF/Silverlight). Session was useful to understand Product Portfolio, features

Notes from the Session
  • Overview and benefits of test automation covering rerunning test cases, reduce test execution efforts, eliminate human error etc..
Test Studio
  • Inbuilt Scheduling Engine
  • Performance Test Support
  • Integration withing TFS
  • Cross browser testing support
  • Microsoft Platform focussed test product (WPF/Silverlight)
  • Data Driven Testing Support
More Details - Link
Express Edition Features
  • Available as a VS plugin
  • Generate unit test cases which can be run using NUnit, XUnit, MbUnit
  • Record and playback of Web Test was demonstrated in the session
  • This made me to remember VSTT web test record and play back feature
It would be interesting to download and Evaluate Telerik Free Testing Framework
Happy Learning!!

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