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July 28, 2012

Big Data Conference - The Fifth Elephant

Last two days I attended big data conference The Fifth Element. Below listed sessions were very good
  • Scaling Data Google Scale
  • Inmobi Real Time Analytics Architecture
  • A Herd of Elephants - Navigating the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Messaging architecture at Facebook
Some notable quotes from Big Data Conference

“Data is the new raw material for any business on pair with Capital, People and Labour”

“We are in the age of Data Revolution”

“Big Data is all about gaining useful insights from data while keeping cost of retrieval and storage low”

“If all you have is a hammer; everything that you look at will look like a nail” (Traditional BI
Approach won’t fit all problems)

Unstructured data rules the world!!

I will posting my notes from the sessions in coming posts. You can also checkout the videos of sessions from link

Happy Learning!!!

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