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July 29, 2012

Protobuf and LRM Trees

This post is based on learning's from The Fifth Elephant - Big Data Conference Notes.

Protobuf - Many Sessions emphasised on adoption of Protobuf. Google's data interchange format. They output xml in terms of performance, simple and easy to use. (Link)
Protobuf tutorial - Link1, Link2
Using Protocol Buffers on .Net platform (Part I)
Protocol Buffers and WCF
Some internals of protobuf-net

LRM ( Left-to-Right-Minima) Trees – This was highlighted during Facebook messaging Architecture. Left-to-Right-Minima Trees. Academic paper on LRM tree available in link

From Quora - What is the expanded form of the "SSTable" abbreviation used by Google's BigTable?

An SSTable provides a persistent, ordered, immutable map from keys to values [1], where both keys and values are arbitrary bytes. Apache HBase, the implementation of SSTable is called HFile.
Where can I get a paper about SSTables?

Log-Structured Merge-Tree - The Log-Structured Merge-Tree - writes are always fast regardless of the size of dataset (append-only), and random reads are either served from memory or require a quick disk seek

From Link

Before going to the topic, Refresher for B and B+ Trees

Happy Learning!!!

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