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April 21, 2014

Test Automation Framework Series

[Previous Post - Test Automation Framework Using Selenium - Part IV]

This is in continuation with Test Automation Framework Series. After 3 years I found step-by-step framework examples. As you see this reflects my stack overflow answer (Build first, Iterate and Improve). Rest of cleartrip test series / code improvements are covered in ClearTrip Tests (Very Good Walk through)

Project 1 - Selenium examples
Project 2 - ClearTrip Test. Downloaded and compiled the project. This list of 13 tests are great examples

I had also posted cleartrip automation assignment  earlier. (My incremental learning series :))

Another interesting post in similar lines - Evolution of Software Engineer. In the similar fashion Automation Framework Exercise evolves based on continuous feedback

Very Interesting slide from presentation in link. Similar to my learning path :)

Github Test Automation projects
Test Automation Framework (TAF)
Git Code

Selenium Test Framework
Selenium Test Framework

Happy Learning!!!

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