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April 25, 2014

Testing, Testing !! Learn both Coding & Testing

I have a strong opinion on automation and its benefits. Automation and Functional testing compliment each other. Majority of automation framework I have come across are for UI Automation, ETL, Web Services etc.

More than Automation I have observed below areas addressed very well with custom tools / custom coding efforts.
  • Environment set-up / clean up tools
  • DB meta data set-up scripts, Extensive SQL Queries for Analysing and validate data 
  • Using Tools - SOAP UI / Custom test code for quick testing
  • Debugging / checking DB states, APP server logs
These efforts will help to reduce test cycle time, good insight into application, certain level of white box testing will always boost your confidence on technical implementation. Automation evolves from these tools / scripts. Gradually these efforts will provide clarity toward building a good automation framework.

I don't recommend complete black box testing / white box testing. It has to be best of both the worlds. A good amount DEV-Test-DB understanding will always help to know the application better in terms of functionality / performance / certain extent white box testing.

By having a rotational setup. QA can code certain modules for certain releases, Dev can take up some automation / minimum testing to understand the application / domain better. Every function need to compliment each other. Cross functional skills and working experience is always a plus.

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