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May 27, 2014

Reading Notes - Test Data Generator, Interesting Reads

Google reader used to be my favourite feed subscription list. After that was removed I tried feedspot, feedly. Both have not provided the same experience but still figuring out alternatives.

Today there were few interesting reads
Note #1 - mockaroo 
  • Live web based Test data generator looks promising to generate test data
  • Null percentage distribution, data type combinations, CSV, sql multiple data formats
  • Real time datatype distribution for near match of test data
  • Rest API exposure for Automated data generation
This tool would have consumed a lot of development time to develop intuitive, real world test data cases. Nice Work!!!

Ref - This post  was useful to reach out to mockaroo tool

More Testdata Generation Tools

Note #3 - Good Infographic on Devlandscape 2014 (Checkout big data, NOSQL and DevOps)
Happy Reading!!!

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