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May 16, 2014

RootConf Day #1 Notes

Every Conference is a good learning opportunity in identifying best practices, technology trends, learning opportunities. Predominantly all sessions were open source tools for Dev-Ops, Continuous Integration, Automated Deployments.

Consolidated Set of Open Source Tools Discussed are
For Performance Testing Open Stack
Free Tools to be checked for Windows
  • Nagios for Windows Monitoring
  • Vagrant for Windows
Notes from Sessions
First session was on Building Elastic Infrastructures by Pankaj Kaushal
  • Automated creation of systems
  • Centralized monitoring
  • VM created with HostDB Entry
  • Tools - Puppet, HostDB
  • Highly Available / Reliable
  • Namespaces & access controls
  • Rollback / GIT as backend
  • Rest APIs for APPs to interact
  • Manage Configuration
  • Define Machine / nodes
Session Quick Prototyping with LXC and Puppet by BENJAMIN KERO
  • Tools CVS, SVN, BZR, Dares, RCS, GIT, Mercurial
  • Provided good comparision for tools Docker, VMWare VSphere, EC2, Linux + Puppet, C (Control) Groups
  • Mercurial, LinuxContainers.org
Session - Avoiding single point of failure in a multi-services architecture
  • Tools used - Sensu monitoring, salt stack, jenkins
Interesting Sites to check
Happy Learning!!!

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