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July 06, 2014

Weekend Reading - Webinar - Performance Testing Approach for Big Data Applications.

Very good session – Webinar - Performance Testing Approach for Big Data Applications. Few interesting notes / slides from session

  • Rate of Data Ingestion - How fast system consumes data?
  • Data Processing - Speed how data is processed. Testing Data processing in isolation with data sets populated. Run specific perf tests (MR Jobs, Pig, Hive Scripts)
  • Data Persistence – I/O bound process. (Data Writes / Updates on DB, Garbage Collection, Monitoring Metrics)
  • Complete end to end time for processing (Network Connectivity, Processing, Results)

Big Data Test Challenges
  • Diverse Technologies
  • Unavailability of Test Tools for Big Data Technologies / Scenarios
  • Limited Monitoring / Diagnostic Solutions
  • Test Scripting / Environment
Perf Test Tools
  • Use cloud to simulate large infrastructure
  • Cloud orchestration scripts Puppet, Chef

  • Depending on usage in production identify patterns for production workload
  • Fault Tolerance Scenarios
  • Hadoop monitoring tools to check Map reduce jobs
  • Selecting Test Clients - Custom code
  • Performance / Failover tests to ensure scalability (Node failures during processing)
Test Parameters and Summary

Very Nice, Practical and useful webinar. There are a lot of posts / webinars. This one is very useful and practical.

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Happy Learning!!!

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